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Scubadiving Holidays in Belize

Snorkel or dive the amazing coast of Belize with a scuba diving holiday. Captivating underwater scenes, unique wildlife, and miles of pristine coral reefs...

Jungle Tours in Belize

The beautiful country of Belize is known for its lush jungles that are just dying to be discovered and appreciated by you...

Mayan Ruin tours in Belize

With our in-depth expeditions, you'll spend your day exploring mystical Mayan ruin sites and unexcavated mysteries on our exciting jungle tours. ...

Charting Fishing Holidays in Belize

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Central America, Belize is a beautiful vacation destination. If you love to fish, it's a unique paradise...

Honeymoon Holidays in Belize

Enjoy an exciting, relaxing, and romantic honeymoon getaway by visiting the lovely country of Belize. ..

Belize All Inclusive Beach Resorts

Belize is the perfect vacation destination for those who want to relax on the beach. To get the best deals in Belize, all inclusive resorts are a great option...

Belize Package Deals

Exotic jungle landscapes and warm, sunny beaches beckon tourists around the world to Belize. This Central American paradise is home to one of the largest reefs in the world, offering numerous species of coral and hundreds of different sea dwelling fish. Snorkeling, jungle exploration and historic Mayan sites make Belize a definite must-see for any traveler.

The Ancient Mayan civilization has captured the interest of people around the world. The Mayan civilization flourished in Belize for hundreds of years, with early peoples inhabiting the region as early as 1500 BC. The Mayan pyramids provide guests with an opportunity to see history firsthand. You can venture into the jungle to explore Mayan ruins, or you can take a guided tour by car to discover temples left behind by some of the most talked-about cultures in modern history.

Belize is the ideal destination if you love exploring wildlife. The country offers visitors a look at the local flora and fauna by offering wildlife tours at state parks. You can catch a glimpse of the tiny spider money, or view some of the hardest working ants on the plant by watching cutter ants at work in their natural habitat. Belize is also home to hundreds of species of birds that you can view while on a bird watching tour. With a pair of binoculars, you can see some of the country's most elusive species of birds and dozens of other animals on your tour.

If you love water, Belize is definitely the place to go. Ambergris Caye is the most popular site for snorkeling and diving thanks to the clarity of the water. There are dozens of sites along the coast that offer you the opportunity to explore the reef, however, so if you are looking for something more private than Ambergris Caye you can find exactly what you are looking for along the coastline of Belize. You can rent all the necessary gear, or it may be provided by the tour company that you are using to explore the reef. You will see several species of sharks, clownfish and hundreds of other species of fish under the water. Don't forget to look for the Indian manatee while visiting Belize. The beautiful animals can be found at various cayes along the coast.

The relaxed, tropical atmosphere of Belize is another major attraction. Belize offers guests a wide range of lodging options ranging from local hostels to five star resorts situated on sandy beaches. Adventurous travelers can visit a campsite based resort in San Ignacio, while those looking for something a little closer to the city can opt for a traditional resort with all the amenities. Don't forget to try some local cuisine while exploring Belize. Local seafood, rice with coconut and freshly squeezed juice are common on the menu in cafes. You will also find a large selection of international cuisine, including Indian food and traditional freshly made yogurt with local fruit throughout the country.

When you are looking for an exotic destination for your next vacation, Belize is one of the best places to explore. There is definitely something for everyone in your family to enjoy along the bustling coastline of the country, with water sports like kayaking and diving, jungle exploration and relaxing by the beach at the top of the list of things to do for visitors.